Anger Management

Everyone feels anger. It is a normal emotion and an extremely important one. It mobilizes us to act in the face of adversity.

Anger becomes a problem when we feel it too intensely or too frequently, or when we express it inappropriately, which can lead to negative consequences. To name a few:

  • loved ones fear us at times
  • shame lingers after we’ve acted inappropriately (which can lead to depression)
  • our children may mimic us by responding aggressively when they don’t get their way
  • we use substances to drown out or “manage” intense feelings

Anger management sessions provide strategies and techniques for regulating anger and expressing intense feelings constructively. I have great passion for working with individuals on anger issues and have seen success in all clients who have been motivated to change. Here is a list of various types of anger concerns that I have worked with:

  • parents who feel out of control with their kids 
  • individuals who feel like they stuff their anger and want to learn how to better assert themselves
  • couples who want to learn how to “fight” with less intensity and more sensitivity
  • people who have acknowledged that their angry behavior jeopardizes connections with loved ones
  • people fulfilling a court mandate

If you are interested in talking with me about your anger, please call. We can discuss what you hope to achieve in therapy, and I will let you know some of the ways I work with anger management issues.              5297 College Avenue, Oakland, CA                510-859-4303